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twist-r & twist-c

"Twist is a stool with a big focus on sustainability. The goal was to design a material efficient, easy-to-manufacture and flat-packable stool that requires no adhesives or screws for assembly. For this, 3 wedges are used. This allows the stool to be made from just one material: wood. The parts are made from a 1.25 m x 2.50 m CNC-milled birch plywood board, on which parts for a total of 13 stools fit.
The stool is already manufactured in a first small production series."

"The Twist is available in two versions. The "twist-r" is the friendly and elegant and the "twist-c" is the sharp and futuristic stool. Depending on the environment or furnishing style one or the other might suit better."

"The twist is protected by colored oil, six selected shades of discreet to bright make it a design statement."

"The design was optimized in an extensive prototyping process with many scale and full sized models."

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