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"9kitchen is a transportable kitchen, that only weights 9 kg. It was designed to fit on every common medium sized cargo bike. The goal was it to design a fully functional transportable kitchen, which can be used outdoors and indoors."

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"The 9kitchen offers every thing you need to cook from two stove tops, storage, fresh water, sink and even a tank for sewage ."

"With the size of 65x42x60 cm it´s quite portable. For the transport or if it rains the included trap can be used and protects the kitchen against the elements. "


"The two sizes of transport boxes allow the safe transport of all kitchen utensils. The tensioned rubber ropes in the inside help to keep everything in place, while the frosted plastic finish allows a discrete view inside."

"The thought-out design of the stove allows a compact transport and two cooking positions. One inside and one outside wich makes place for a work surface, wich in turn is the lid for the cutlery box. The windbreak also acts as a support for the stove in the outside position."


"The frame and mesh design enables easy fastening on a cargo bike and makes customization possible as well."


"The stepless height adjustment allows full working height and a straight stand on nearly every ground."


"During the design process, weight and size where carefully considered and optimised for every single part."

"The design was optimized in a rough prototyping process with cardboard models, then further developed on the computer. In combination with building a prototype, the design has been tweaked and practicability ensured."

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