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"Pentasnap - more than a coat hook. Because of its pentagonal shape every wall can be individually decorated with abstract, simple and playful patterns. Its sophisticated magnet mechanism perfectly hides its function as a coat hook. Pentasnap is a space for jackets, keys, purse and more. Just choose an easily accessible, free space on your artwork."

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-24 um 14.47.36.png

"The hook will be laser-cut from 2.5 mm sheet steel, soldered and then powder-coated."

"When you take your jacket off the hook, it "snaps" flat against the wall as if by magic. It´s smart wall mount enables easy and precise attachment on the wall, even if the holes are drilled slightly offset."


"Pentasnap, is available in six different colors, from decent to playfull."


"The design was inspired by the scales of the pangolin. Its function has been optimized several times with rapid prototyping. Different sizes and options have been tested."

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